The first step in joining a group is to contact one of the clinicians facilitating the group you are interested in. That clinician will provide additional information about the group and answer any questions you may have. For child and adolescent groups, the clinician will schedule an initial parent intake session and an individual session with your child or adolescent. In the initial parent session, the clinician will obtain a developmental and family history, as well as hear your concerns and discuss specific goals and expectations for your child. The session with your child or adolescent offers them the opportunity to meet one of the group leaders and ask questions. It also allows the clinician to assess whether the group will be a good fit for them.


The group clinicians are out-of-network insurance providers.  You will receive a bill at the end of each month and have 30 days until payment is due.  The billing statement will have all the necessary components required for submission to your insurance company.  The statement will need to be sent with a claim form (available through your insurance provider) to your insurance company.  Your insurance company will then pay you directly for the services.